New York's Own Samba School
Samba New York! is a leading center for Brazilian samba culture in New York City, offering shows, classes in drumming and dance, and guided music trips to Brazil. The Estado do São Paulo, on of Brazil's most prominent newspapers, recently praised Samba New York! as "the most famous and active 'school of samba' in New York City."
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Our professional Show Group comprises an exceptional roster of samba drummers and dancers; singers; guitarists; players of the cavaquinho, the characteristic small Brazilian guitar; acrobatic performers of capoeira, an Afro-Brazilian martial art-dance; horn players; and whatever other type of performer may be required.

The heart of Samba New York’s Show Group is its Bateria Muita Energia! (High Energy Drum Section). Distinct from other organizations that hire their drummers on an event-by-event basis, Samba New York! trains its players as a unit in weekly rehearsals, giving the group its signature sound and consistency.

Our head dancer is Danielle Lima, who grew up in Rio’s samba world performing with the famous Beija-Flor Samba School. Her diverse experience and singular choreographic talent offer our team of handpicked dancers an original style that unites traditional samba steps and costumes from Rio with the classy sophistication of NYC.

Tying it all together is the artistic vision of Director, Philip Galinsky, whose unyielding commitment to quality and professionalism has made Samba New York! the “most famous and active ‘school of samba’ in New York City”!

Please contact us to discuss performance options.

Samba New York! has emerged as NYC’s premier training ground for samba percussionists. Our organization has graduated numerous players who have gone on to shake up the local Brazilian music scene, including the leaders of such groups as Frederick Douglass Academy’s Harlem Samba, Mais Um, and Batala NYC.

Dr. Galinsky is personally responsible for training all the percussionists in Samba New York! from beginner to professional levels. Our entry-level course, Bateria 101, offers a uniquely accessible method of mastering the basics of samba drumming in a fun, communal environment.

Qualified students move into our Bateria, an all-percussion ensemble that practices throughout the year in our Bateria Rehearsal course. The Bateria comprises both professional Show Group members, who perform at numerous public and private events, and Bateria members who participate in some of our bigger performances such as the NYC Dance Parade in May and the Greenwich Village Halloween Parade on October 31.

Dedicated students in Samba New York! have a unique opportunity to move from the beginner course to participation in the Bateria and graduate as a professional samba percussionist. Many of the current members of our Show Group are living proof!

NOTE: Samba New York! is not currently offering dance classes. We recommend the classes of Danielle Lima. Samba dancers of all levels are invited to participate with Samba New York! in the annual Greenwich Village Halloween Parade.

Please visit our Events page for a list of current courses. We also offer private lessons in samba percussion for those seeking quicker progress. To schedule a private lesson or to reserve Samba New York! for a lecture or workshop, please contact us.


with Philip Galinsky, Ph.D.
Dates TBA

Samba New York’s Director, Philip Galinsky, Ph.D., leads a cultural immersion trip to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil during Carnaval. The goal of the trip is to provide enthusiasts of Brazilian music and dance a unique opportunity to explore Rio’s rich samba culture first hand. The group visits several samba schools in rehearsal, has a workshop with a master Brazilian percussionist, experiences a night of top-level Samba School Parades in the Sambadrome during Carnaval, and much more!

The trip is open to musicians and non-musicians alike. Samba New York! will do its best to open doors for experienced drummers who wish to play in samba school rehearsals or in blocos (street Carnaval groups). Prospective participants interested in this possibility are highly encouraged to attend Samba New York’s Bateria Rehearsal course and to take private lessons with Philip Galinsky prior to the trip.

For detailed information about our next Samba Study Trip, keep checking our Events page. Please contact us with any questions. We look forward to seeing you in Rio!